Launching Our New Range Of Sofas At Bonds Lifestyle

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Introducing our new sofa advert!

We absolutely love working with The Content People (and before you ask the question no, this isn’t a paid advert). However, after four hours of moving furniture half an inch each time to make sure that it was going to look right in the animation, my love for Dan ever so slightly dwindled. I genuinely thought when he gave me my first instruction, he was playing up to my naivety of what a stop motion animation actually was. Also Dan not to be rude but a one-minute snapshot video after hours of work…are you kidding me? On a serious note though I am SO pleased with the way this video has turned out, it is so nice to have such creative people around to help us grow and develop.

As an independent business we feel that, as I’m sure many other independent businesses do, that the quality of our products is paramount, which is why we only source our products from the best of the best. Not only are our sofas handmade in Britain they also come with a 10-year frame guarantee, meaning that when you’re having family gatherings you needn’t worry about those extra five people squeezing onto an already packed sofa!! Trust me I come from a MASSIVE extended family and if there’s a part of the sofa untouched…well…you better be prepared for fight.

Taking our customer service to the next level we wanted to see where and how our sofas were made. After a visit to the factory, it goes without saying that the craftsmanship involved in making one sofa is absolutely awe-inspiring. As we are all becoming (and rightly so) environmentally conscious we are extremely proud to be working with a company who believe that saving the planet is a priority.

Our ethos is and has always been that you can never go wrong with the mixture of antiques and new products. We had so much fun choosing (NOT MOVING) our props to go next to the sofas. We have such inspiration from all our stallholders here at Bonds, who source the most amazing pieces. If only we had enough room in our show room to be as minimalistic as we were in our animation. Although not to name and shame but we did ask Liz Morris (@lizmorrisdecorativeinteriors) if we could keep her mirrored doors to make our sofas look even better and obviously she said no because she wanted to sell them (HOW RUDE!)

We know how important it is to get your sofa right even if you didn’t. Outrageously the average Briton will spend 17 years on the sofa in their lifetime. So if we are spending almost a quarter of our lives with our sofa, then we might as well do it with style. Ask yourself the question – would you spend this amount of time with someone who was dull and boring? Yeah I didn’t think so, so why are you so set on keeping your run of the mill sofa? We aren’t all interior designers like our lovely Zoe who can instantly see a room and can tell you exactly what colour sofa, blinds, curtains and dog you should have. However we all know what we like and what we don’t like. So let’s start with that.

If you like what you see on our video then pop along and see the rest of the Stratford Upon Avon showroom (we guarantee you’ll be walking out with more than a sofa) OR if you’re not quite ready to take the new sofa leap then just for future reference we will be posting all our current sofas on the website. You can see our full range of sofas here.

Looking to buy a sofa or not, it’s got you thinking (I know 17 years!!! What the) In our next blog we’ll be introducing you to the individual sofas so you can get to know them a little more (Hang on…am I Paddy McGuinness and is this Take me Out?)

Here’s the new Bonds Lifestyle sofa advert!