The Big Relaunch!

Post by
Sophie Leigh Smith

The last year has been hard on us all and especially those in retail & hospitality. At Bonds we've taken each lockdown as an opportunity to improve, renovate, re-think and bounce back each time with something new to offer. We've tried and tested it all over the years but the last year has shown us what we're really capable of achieving when we put our minds to it. After the first lockdown we felt optimistic and we even had a newly purchased Yurt arrive & installed... fast forward almost 8 months and we still haven't had the chance to use it. When we are permitted to it will be a Yurt Café where we will serve coffee & cakes and it'll be a nice addition & extra space for those just wanting a quick bite to eat while the inside will become the bonds brasserie serving meals with a glass of wine or even a gin. During this last lockdown we took on our biggest project yet. One that was so huge it was one of those 'its now or never' type projects. We could have sat still, kept all the money in the bank for emergencies OR take a big risk and put it all into making this business the best it could possibly be. So we took that risk and 2 months in we have a newly renovated upstairs, new stock, new brands, new antique dealers, indoor & outdoor plants & pots, men's clothing added to the boutique and giftable food & drink in our new food emporium. It's all going on and it is looking just as we imagined if not better. We seriously can't wait to re-open the doors on the 12th of April and we hope the public are excited too. It feels like we've been shut in doors and restricted for so long now that we think and hope that people are desperate to get out and experience shopping like they did before. We'll be waiting eagerly to welcome everyone back!

To check out our full renovation journey please head to @bondslifestyle on instagram for more photos and videos.

We hope to meet you very soon! xxx