Contemporary Grey Sideboard with Gold Decor

£ 1,795.00 
£ 1,795.00 

This sideboard is sleek in design and look, with four drawers and two cupboards. It sits so elegantly against any colour wall, with its dark gun metal grey colour that isn't too dark or too light. The gold hardware gives it an elegant look making it classic as well as contemporary. You can't go much wrong with this piece in your home.

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165 X 45 X 85 CM



Do not place room fragrances bottles directly on to the furniture. The effect is the same as paint stripper and causes considerable damage to wood as well as to lacquer. Avoid placing your lacquered or wood furniture in direct sunlight or alongside a radiator. Try to leave at least a metre between any heat source and wooden furniture. Wood swells as it absorbs moisture and shrinks as it releases it; this can cause shrinkage and cracking at times. This is the nature of wood, it is not a fault. Avoid overly touching your new lacquered furniture as the natural grease from your hands attracts dirt and grime to your furniture which if left can damage and scratch the lacquer. Though furniture lacquer has a hard skin, it can ‘dent’. Avoid putting anything extremely heavy on its surface and if being transported, place pads between the wood and any strapping. Make sure your furniture duster or cleaning cloth is clean, otherwise it could potentially scratch the surface finish; a micro-fibre cloth is much less likely to leave superficial scratches than a conventional duster. Use silicone based polish sparingly and only occasionally as this can build up and leave a sticky residue on the surface which in turn attracts particles of dirt. Do not use any abrasive substances (for instance aggressive cleaners, scouring powder or solvents). Avoid using abrasive creams or cloths as this can permanently scratch the surface finish or make the surface cloudy. Lacquer protects the wood from liquid penetration, although it is still advisable to use mats or coasters with all food and beverages, any spillages should be wiped up immediately. Constant contact with water will wear down the lacquer leaving it dull and causing a mottled appearance. Black lacquer is one of the most attractive finishes but needs to be treated with special care as it can show marks quicker than other colours. Lacquer colour will fade if left in direct sunlight over a prolonged period.