Kadai Cooking Bowl

£ 42.00 
£ 42.00 

Ideal for slow cooked stews, chillies, curries or mulled wine. Mild steel bowl with 3 chains. Includes a separate stand for placing the bowl on a table to serve. 30cm diameter. Fits : 60cm. 36cm diameter. Fits : 70cm and 80cm Recycled Kadia Firebowl

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30cm or 36cm



This handcrafted product has a protective food safe oiled coating for transport and will require the traditional 'curing' process prior to use: To remove the coating, heat to a medium temperature and then wash vigorously in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly and apply a thin coat of cooking oil, removing any excess. Heat to a hot temperature, the oil may smoke a little, this is a good thing as it is part of the process of ‘curing’. Repeat this application process several times until an even ‘black’ coat is achieved. Now your accessory is ready to use. You can repeat the oiling process whenever necessary to keep your accessory in tip top condition, as cooking or heating some foods may degrade the oiled finish. The more it is used, the better the non-stick finish becomes. Tips: · The curing process is a fun thing to do over charcoal on your Kadai. · Avoid cleaning in a dishwasher as this will remove this natural oiled finish. Set of 3 Skillets · Use the enclosed Lifting Tongs to easily lift your Skillets from the heat. Cooking Bowl · Use the Cooking Tripod chain to lift the Cooking Bowl from the heat and place directly on your table using the enclosed Trivet and serve. · You can place the Cooking Bowl directly in the fire for a really authentic cooking experience.