The Pingyao Long Three Door Sideboard

£ 2,295.00 
£ 2,295.00 

The long Pingyao sideboard is finished in a gorgeous deep teal lacquer. A striking addition to a dining room, this hand-made and lacquered storage chest offers generous storage with three single cupboards, each with a removable shelf. Each door has a solid brass leaf-shaped tab handle and geometric wood trim. Being tall as well as long, this large sideboard offers very generous cupboard storage. AVAILABILITY: END OF SEPTEMBER

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Height: 95cm Width: 230cm Depth: 45cm


Chinese Pine


"Lacquered furniture is generally low maintenance and easy to care for. The following advice will help you to understand how to prolong the life of your lacquered furniture. Oriental lacquer can be clear or coloured. This provides a durable finish which protects wood and is very low maintenance. A regular dust with a soft, dry micro-fibre cloth will remove finger-prints and smears. Simply flick dust away, rather than rubbing hard which can cause minor hairline scratches over time. For spillages, wipe with a slightly damp cloth or sponge, using a mild detergent if necessary. Once dry, buff gently with a micro-fibre cloth. To restore the patina use an everyday spray silicone polish. Other polishes or waxes can be used, but these will not offer any more protection than a general spray polish."


*Please get in contact with the Bonds team to arrange a delivery quote